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langenkamp.dk architects is a young and dynamic firm of architects with an international and national network of specialists within energy-efficient building design. Our projects range from single-family passive houses and summer houses to passive terraced houses and passive house office buildings. Construction prices amount to between DKK 2.5 and DKK 35 million. We handle all stages of the construction process – from draft design to finished building, and we have extensive expertise in energy-efficient building design.

langenkamp.dk architects is highly experienced in certifying passive houses. (passivhus)The certification process documents all project stages – right from the first draft design to the finished building.

Since the construction of the first certified passive house in Ebeltoft, Olav Langenkamp has through previous employments been involved in energy-efficient building projects in Denmark, attracting much media attention, for example the H2 College in Herning as well as a passive house in Skibet near Vejle.

Since its establishment in July 2008, the firm has projected 32 passive houses, currently under construction, in Lystrup near Aarhus for the housing association Ringgården as well as severeal single family houses and summer houses. Langenkamp.dk is the firm of architects which has projected the largest number of passive house units in Denmark.

Quality assurance is a key factor in all our projects, and all elements in a project are described to ensure that each project meets the quality requirements set up. In addition, all langenkamp.dk’s own services are subject to through quality assurance procedures through project control in accordance with fixed guidelines.

langenkamp.dk architects is responsible for all stages of a project and for coordinating architectural and engineering services as well as the lighting concept. Energy-efficient building design requires considerable technical insight and in-depth knowledge of building physics, and it is precisely in this field that Olav Langenkamp is the most experienced architect in Denmark. Olav Langenkamp lives in a passive house himself (the first certified passive house in Denmark).

olav langenkamp, architect eth-maa

E-mail: ol@langenkamp.dk
Phone: +45 40 73 96 20